WAGON UR 600 electric cargo transporters are used to transport and tow loads. 2x4 drive, lifting capacity 600 kg, 600 W.

Irreplaceable for heavy-duty transport. It uses ecological power supply. An additional advantage of this solution is its noiseless operation. As an additional option, the device has a non-slip waterproof floor.

Thanks to their smart design, attachments can be changed quickly and easily. We have a wide range of additional accessories.

All BEFARD products are CE certified, which means that our products comply with EU machine directives.

Environmental friendliness
Easy operation
Greater safety
Low operating cost
No harmful fume emissions
No harmful noise emission
Relieves the muscular and skeletal system
Wide range of optional equipment and accessories
Indoor and outdoor work
Customizing the device to individual needs

The device is powered by two AGM batteries.

The advantages of AGM batteries:

  • no need for continuous maintenance or electrolyte replenishing
  • able to work in different positions
  • low temperature does not damage the casing by increasing the electrolyte volume
  • fiberglass protects the electrolyte from shocks and vibrations, even in extreme field conditions
  • higher voltage at the terminals and longer operating time
  • high current capacity at high current discharges in a short time


Drive 2x4
Lifting capacity 600 kg
Power 600 W
Current intensity 210 A
Pneumatic wheels tak
Power supply 2x AGM battery
Driving mode fast and slow
Transport lugs for attaching belts yes
Rear swivel castors yes
Colour optional
Charger yes
Ergonomic design of anti-slip handle yes

Comparison of parameters BEFARD UR

The device meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 2014/30/EU

All BEFARD devices are covered by a 12-month warranty.

BEFARD UR 600 Technical drawings IMG 01



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