manipulator for installing windows

BEFARD XC manipulator for installing windows and glass

BEFARD XC vacuum assembly robots are designed for works related to the assembly of windows, doors, stone slabs. Electric battery power supply and a remote control system guarantee convenient and free installation of windows and doors.

vacuum manipulator for glass

Robot BEFARD XC 400

Vacuum manipulator with one hydraulic extension. The range of the device is 3.90m. Load capacity up to 400kg.

manipulator for installing windows

Robot BEFARD XC 600

Vacuum manipulator with one or two hydraulic extensions. The range of the device is up to 3.90m / 4.80m. Load capacity up to 600kg.

Vacuum robot for window assembly

Robot BEFARD XC 820

Vacuum manipulator with one, two or three hydraulic extensions. Range of the device up to 3.90m / 4.80m / 5.70m. Lift capacity up to 820kg.

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