BEFARD TB 7002 mini crane

Mini cranes on tracked chassis for indoor and outdoor use Maximum hoist capacity: 2500 kg.

Mini crane steered by remote controle also known as mini crawler crane, mobile crane, window installation crane and mini spider crane is an excellent solution for window installation. The BEFARD TB7002 mini crane is distinguished by the greatest reach in its weight category and remarkable precision of work. The compact design allows you to transport a trailer with a GVM of 3.5t.


The BEFARD TB7002 spider-type mini crane for window installation has a lifting capacity of up to 2500 kg, and the range of this mini-crane is almost 18 m vertically.


The standard version of the BEFARD TB7002 mini crane is equipped with a Fly Jib and a hydraulic winch, so that no window installation is a challenge.

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BEFARD TB7002 mini crane is available in two versions:

BEFARD TB 7002 - diesel-electric power supply (diesel engine + 230V power supply)

BEFARD TB 7002E - lithium-ion battery operation

The unit can be retrofitted with any XP and XR series vacuum suction cup and a hydraulic winch.

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Radio controlled driving, operation and foot deployment
Dual power supply fuel and electric
Maximum hoist capacity (as shown in the diagram) 2500 kg
Anti-overload system yes
Hydraulic extensions 4x hydraulic
2x hydraulic (JIB)
Maximum horizontal outreach 8,75 m
Maximum horizontal outreach (JIB) 14,3 m
Maximum vertical outreach above 11,9 m
Maximum vertical outreach above (JIB) 17,3 m
Active boom 15°
Supports four manually unfolded feet with hydraulic deployment
Height 185 cm
Width 78 cm
Weight standard crane - about 2390 kg
jib - about 230kg
230V power supply - about 50 kg
400V power supply - about 60kg
footrests - about 18 kg
winch - about 100 kg

Comparison of parameters BEFARD TB

The device meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and Directive 2014/30/EU

All BEFARD devices are covered by a 12-month warranty.

Diagram udźwigu TB 7002Diagram udźwigu TB 7002 JIB


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